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Watch Wendy Stevens... New Second Careers for baby boomer women Part2

Wendy Stevens (850) 417-7176 coaches women baby boomers to massive wealth this video is part 2 of the Wendy Stevens Story Wendy: Great, yeah they all want to play, I love it, I love the beauty of Lacrosse, which is weaving, it's called the fastest game on foot. There is some kind of a bliss, when I was flying full speed, cradling a ball, catching, throwing, you know, scoring. Narrator: Wendy Heald was a collegiate Lacrosse champion at the University of Maryland. Wendy: I had such great experience playing in college. I walked on at Maryland, a lot of people don't know that. Maryland had a dynasty in Lacrosse, we won the first champion in '86, and Maryland went on to win ten championships. But it wasn't something that was really valued pretty much in my family. I was actually the baby of five, my father was a doctor, my brothers and sisters were highly accomplished, scholastically, those were the kind of expectations of my family, and I just was not a great student. Narrator: Out of college and into a marriage, Wendy Stevens and her new husband moved to Nashville where she walked on again, right in to her dream job, building and coaching a brand new Division 1 lacrosse program at Vanderbilt. Wendy: We went Top 20, we vaulted number 18th in the country in our second year, it's just a Cinderella fairy tale. Female: To start a new team is really difficult, you know, starting any new program, there's no history, it's a lot harder in the beginning. Wendy: It was beautiful, it was a symphony as a team off the field and on the field. So, it was a beautiful thing to watch unfold. Narrator: Driven and relentless as a coach, new mother Wendy had her hands full. Female: Her success was a strain on her relationship with her husband because she was away from the family more, she had more obligations. Wendy: An athletic event was something I could completely control. With relationship, it's not always so cut and dry. Narrator: A bitter divorce was just the beginning of an extremely difficult time in her life. Wendy: My mother has just turned 70, she was in great shape, she swam everyday, she was 125 pounds, she was glorious. So, there were no warning signals at all. Narrator:In the summer of 1997, Wendy's mother died in her arms. Wendy: She dropped dead, very suddenly of a heart attack. We were sitting on the dock and she was telling me how proud she was of me. I was hugging her and there was a guttural choke and that was it. It was shattering, I was numb, I mean, I was numb for a long time. We were really spiraling downward due to a financial crisis. I mean, I just felt like I had failed miserably, failed the kids, especially. I was literally 90 days from losing the house, I thought, "Well, I can deliver pizzas", I looked at delivery newspapers and then the next ad I answered was Liberty League. It circled those three: pizza, newspapers, director of sales, no travel. Narrator: Wendy Stevens found hope by doing what she does best. Wendy: We want to do things if they're going to be fun, you know, that's definitely the part where I am. Narrator: Now, she applies what she learned as a coach to her new team at Liberty League International. Wendy: This is my team, I'm going to recruit the team, I'm going to work with the team, I'm going to teach, train coach and mentor the team, and this year, everything exploded, just exploded, so, I was just taking a bunch of great people with me and having a ball, I'm really really having a ball. "Hey Chester, Wendy Steven's calling, you responded, Chester, actually to my website and requested some more information about a business working out of a home office." Girl: She knows she can do anything by herself and I guess, losing her husband and everything really proves that. Wendy: We're in a 9 billion dollar a year industry in personal development. We morph that with a marking system that you're going to hear with this call, okay? So, grab a pen. Female: Deep down, she really came back to coaching, which is what she was all about, she's a really good coach. Girl: She's like Wonder Woman, she's awesome. Boy: It kind of, she makes me feel specials, I guess, I mean, kind of like, cheesy a little bit, but special to me, I guess. Wendy: Now, I am no nonsense, I get people to sell themselves to me. "Chester, make it a great day, the ball is in your court." I had my first breakthrough, I had a $26,000.00 a day, I picked up the phone, called my dad, "Dad...

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